A complete service offer to accompany you, according to your needs


To have a precise view of the situation of your organization.


To clarify your vision, choose projects and measure your progress.


To achieve your action plan, and move concretely towards your goals.


To develop your skills and those of your teams.

Coresilium uses and adapts its expertise to support you according to your needs. We meet where you are and support you to go wherever you want.

One-time support

  • When you just need a little nudge.
  • When you have too many projects right now.
  • When you feel that you are running out of time or skills.
  • When you want a one-time advice.

Continuous support

  • When you need expertise on a longer project.
  • When you’re growing.
  • When your needs are constantly changing.
  • When you want to build something bigger.

Examples of services we provide

Audit and diagnostic

  • Team: Performance Diagnostics
  • Process: Value Chain Analysis
  • Information System: Security Audit


  • Strategic planning: definition / clarification of vision and mission, prioritisation of projects
  • Definition and monitoring of operational and IT risk management and action plans
  • Measurement and monitoring of the performance of teams, processes and information systems
  • Cyber threats watch


  • Team
    • Team-building activities
  • Process
    • Process optimisation
  • Information System
    • Internal vulnerability scan

Coaching and training

  • Awareness-raising and training
    • Cybersecurity
  • Phishing test campaign
  • Individual coaching of employees and managers (GROW Method)

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